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Micromastery with Robert Twigger

Sat 25 Nov / Quarterhouse

We are told that we must be passionate about only one thing, that 10,000 hours of hard practice is needed to achieve mastery. But in fact most successful people, including Nobel Prize winners, nurture multiple areas of knowledge and activity that feed their central subject.
Robert Twigger will show you that whether it's making a perfect soufflé, dancing a tango or lighting a fire, taking the time to cultivate small and quantifiable areas of expertise, will change everything. You will become faster and more fearless learners, spot more creative opportunities, improve your brain health and boost your happiness. He will show how to start small, specific, but start to be on the path to mastery.

Robert Twigger is an author, adventure traveller and apprentice micromaster. His first book, Angry White Pyjamas, about a year spent in a Japanese martial arts dojo, won the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award and the Somerset Maugham Award. He has lectured on risk management, polymathics and leadership at Oxford Brookes Business School, Oxford University, the Royal College of Art, and to companies including P&G, Maersk shipping, Oracle computing and SAB Miller.

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