Lynne Murphy: The Prodigal Tongue: The Love-Hate Relationship Between British and American English

Sun 25 Nov / Quarterhouse

The English language is a beautiful thing, but it suffers under relentless assault from Americans who want nothing more than to corrupt the mother tongue.
That’s what we’re told. But what’s the truth? And whose language is it anyway?

Lynne Murphy, an American linguist living in England, dives into the war of words being waged over the Atlantic. In a laugh-out-loud report, she separates reality from myth in this special relationship and delves into the social and political forces that have seen British and American English part ways. From the origins of ‘the bee’s knees’ to why so many of Hollywood’s evil geniuses sound as though they were educated at Oxford, she reveals how our language really works and tells us where it’s going.

12.30 pm/ £8 / Friends & concessions £7

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