Jeremy Seal, Barbara Nadel & Alev Scott with Lennox Morrison

Wed 21 Nov / Quarterhouse

Turkey is a beautiful and fascinating country, with an extraordinary history, a rich culture, a bridge between Europe and Asia, geopolitically and strategically essential. It radically embraced modernity with Atatürk. The country has had to deal with terrorism and mass migration, as well as wars on its borders. It is a secular, parliamentary republic, yet, today, one may wonder whether president Erdoğan's nationalist policies could put its democracy in peril.

Our three speakers know the country inside and out.
Barbara Nadel is an award-winning crime-writer. Her Inspector Ikmen series is set in Turkey.

Journalist Alev Scott explored what it meant to be Turkish in Turkish Awakening. Ottoman Odyssey reveals the legacy of its influence on people from the Balkans to the Levant and the integral diversity threatened amid rising nationalism.

Jeremy Seal is a travel writer, journalist, book reviewer, sometime broadcaster and tour leader. Meander: East to West Along a Turkish River recounts his journey by foldable canoe down the river Meander.

Tickets: £10/Friends and concessions £8

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