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This year, we open the festival and the Christmas festivities with the inspiring novelist Kit de Waal. Half Irish, half Jamaican, her novels are beautifully humane and moving.

The 2018 Folkestone Book Festival will be the most international ever with an Indian Day, an American Day and a Turkish night, not to be missed.

There will be an eclectic range of talks from healthy eating to remaining sane in an increasingly difficult world, fighting plastic to fighting tax evasion, graphology, astronomy, politics, philosophy, art, and of course comedy.

This will be my biggest festival with 50 events (including a fabulous kids’ programme). It should make you think, travel, discover new ideas, enjoy yourselves and want to continue the conversation. It will also be my seventh and last book festival and I want to thank you all for having been such a great and appreciative audience. I hope this year won’t disappoint!

Geraldine D’Amico

Curator, Folkestone Book Festival


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